Mixcloud Tips for Radio Stations

On Mixcloud we’re noticing an increasing number of you are choosing to host your radio stations with us to reach our millions of global listeners.

There are various factors to consider when building your radio station on Mixcloud, such as profile structure and continuity

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can run your own radio station like a pro.

1. Tagging:

Make sure you tag each show accurately with the genres contained in the show. You are allowed 5 tags and you should definitely use 1 or 2 of those tags for genres.

Genre tags increase your chances of appearing on our discover pages and charts:

Also use 1 tag each for your name and the title of the show, that way if people search that tag, all your shows will appear in one place.

2. Presenter Profiles:

Check whether your station presenters already have a profile on Mixcloud, if so ask them to repost their shows to their profile – you will still get the listener stats but your reach will be increased. If they don’t have a profile, encourage them to set one up.

If a show has a guest interview or guest mix, ask that artist to repost the show to their profile on Mixcloud.

Here’s a good example of reposting from radio station to artist profile:

3. Playlists:

Use our Playlist feature to group themes, specials or genres on your profile, this prevents older shows getting lost on the station’s feed, and provides a structure for your station profile.

Look under ‘More’ in this profile:

4. Pro Account:

Consider getting a Pro Account so you can check the station and show stats, adjust the page layout and schedule podcasts for future release:

5. Artwork:

Use creative profile artwork to make an impact and keep it consistent across the station. This station does it well:

6. Social Media:

Post on Facebook and Twitter regularly, but make sure you don’t overdo it and become like spam. If you’ve got live shows all day every day, come up with a social media plan and decide which shows to shout about each week.

Get your artists to tweet and retweet. Make sure every presenter @’s any guests on the show, plus artists whose new music they’re playing. They must always @ the station too.