Mixcloud x Sonos Studio discuss The Art of Curation

This Saturday Mixcloud will be teaming up with speakers maestro Sonos at their studio in Amsterdam, as part of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

It’s a Popup Radio event where we’ll be talking to various renowned DJs, taste makers and radio stations about The Art of Curation.

Each interview will last thirty minutes and will include questions and discussion on this theme, with music selected by each guest, relating to how the Art of Curation relates to their music and what it means to them.

The lineup is as follows:

14.00-14.30 DJ Food (also representing Solid Steel radio show by Ninja Tune) – talking about how his website where he curates music, art, comic books, sci-fi and design is put together

15.00-15.30 Orpheu and Radna from Redlight Radio giving insights into the curation process behind a radio station

15.45-16.15 Igor behind Ibiza Sonica will join us to share his views, and give his take on what it takes to curate a radio station

16.30-17.00 Eton Messy will share the process that goes into curating their events, website and the label in general. They’ll also discuss the curators that influenced them.

You can find the event on Twitter with hashtag #SonosStudioAMS

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