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Mixcloud Talent contests


The DJ is the new rock star. Millions of people around the world are training, hustling and self-promoting to become the next DJ superstar. This is where the Mixcloud Talent contests come in.

DJs are social media power-users and influencers. They will share your brand far and wide, creating an enormous, endorsed reach. Typical organic media placements include:

Twitter, Facebook pages; profiles; events, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, DJ Forums, emails to fans

TALENT CONTEST STUDY: Coca-Cola: Burn Residency

— the biggest global DJ competition —

This competition offers its contestants the opportunity of a lifetime: become the next superstar DJ. Once again, the best talent from all over the world has a chance to take the stage and prove their skills. Finalists are invited to the burn Residency bootcamp in Ibiza and have their lives changed forever by working together with some of the biggest names in the world of DJing.


• Global campaign integrating 20+ markets

• Objective = create huge earned media value

• Audience = influential creators and their fans

• Online submissions in phase 1

• Market experiential activations in phase 2

• Ibiza experiential activation in phase 3

• Mass-market YouTube series in phase 4

• Prize = summer residency in prominent Ibiza club


Thousands of influential DJs enter annually, wracking up hundreds of thousands of earned engagements. It has accumulated more than 15 years of consumer listening minutes to-date, in excess of tens of millions of annual listeners. Then there’s the tens of millions of paid and earned views on YouTube series, while paid media CTR in excess of 1.5%