The Attic Magazine: Join us in the Auditorium

The Attic is a new online magazine launched in December 2014 that emphases a wide variety of music genres and investigates different cultures from all around the world. The Attic Magazine is based in Bucharest – Romania (editorial / events) and Oslo – Norway (technical / editorial). Other contributors also come from Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm and Chicago.

The online publication narrates empirical listening experiences from different collaborators, through reports, features and interviews with various artists, DJs, composers and ensembles, music reviews and audio podcasts. The music approach has no typical boundaries of genre, style, time or space, but admits its importance and relevance.

We question everything and try to pursuit the essence of what we believe is good, timeless and continues to resonate regardless of its release date.

The Auditorium is an evocative section of the website where visitors will find 4 different types of podcasts.


The Attic Podcast comprises mixtapes coming from inspiring and visionary artists, musicians and DJs. Amongst the guests who contributed so far we can mention the Turkish DJ and producer Bariș K, veteran Intergalactic Gary, Tolouse Lowtrax from the German band Kreidler, Dom Thomas of B-Music, Ukrainian DJ and producer Vakula, Italian musician Heinrich DresselAaron Moore from Volkano the Bear, the Romanian upcoming star Borusiade, Red Light Radio co-founder Orpheu The Wizard and much more.


Destinations Podcast focuses on different music from all around the world. So far, we centered on Japan, Brazil, North-Africa (with special mixes concentrated on the activity of Sahel Sounds and Petites Planetes).


Composer’s Corner Podcast investigates the music career of highly influential musicians and composers, such as Sun RA, Moondog, Ornette Coleman, Philip Glass, but also Romanian composers including Iancu Dumitrescu and Adrian Enescu.


From the Archives Podcast is the place for older music, which is still not so accessible to wide audiences; unearthed library music and all sorts of dusty flea market finds.

Five recommendations from the Auditorium:

Vakula – 25 Minutes From My Life

Born Mikhaylo Vityuk, Vakula is a DJ and musician from Konotop (Ukraine). He has released two albums so far and a handful of EP on various records labels, including his own Leleka. He’s a music traveller in the true sense of the word.

Tolouse Low Trax in the Attic

Dusseldorf based artist Detlef Weinrich, known as Tolouse Low Trax, is the man behind the turntables at the club Salon Des Amateurs, in Düsseldorf. He is also a member of the German band Kreidler and he is producing music under the alias Tolouse Low Trax.

Bariș K – Live in the Attic

This is an exclusive recording from a party in Bucharest, Romania, with Bariș K, in March 2014.

Intergalactic Gary – A vinyl affair

Intergalactic Gary is one of the most emblematic figures of the west coast of the Netherlands, one of his loyal employees IF, the pirate radio station CBS, the label Viewlexx and then Intergalactic FM.

Basso – Luz de Vagalume

Basso is a Hamburg based music adventurer known for his Growing Bin project (a record label and online record store). This is a startling two-hours session with all kind of fusion records, from ambient to lounge, balearic, disco and beyond.