Sonos Weekly Music Recommendation Series by Eric Karsenty

This is a guest blog post written by Eric Karsenty from Sonos, as part of his weekly music recommendation series. Every Friday Eric sends an email with his selection and this week’s focus is Mixcloud.

“Hi all,

Listening to radio shows is the perfect way to stay up to date with new releases as well as (re-)discover old gems, as far as I’m concerned. I listen to about 10 a week , covering various music genres, and with a bit self-digging on the side, it is enough to be pretty much on top of things.

The below links are the perfect opportunity for me to remind you that Mixcloud is now available in Beta on Sonos, bringing the world’s largest selection of radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes to any room of your home. To check it out, simply open your Sonos Controller, go to Add Music Services, find Mixcloud in Labs and enjoy the music ! !

Have a nice weekend all,



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