Mixcloud Best of 2014: Top 25 Listeners

best of 2014 - listeners

As the new year kicked off with full fierceness, we looked back at 2014 and put together a Best of 2014 series. Mixcloud would be nothing without its amazing listeners, so it’s only natural we start with them.












11. Uwe Meyer

12. Bully

13. Vanda Novak

14. Athanasios Dobas

15. Second Tokei-ken

16. Meindert Alkema

17. jeleni

18. Kazumi Sugisawa

19. lascu peter

20. flavja

21. FRO Cafe

22. Speeding Thru Life

23. freegoldwatch


25. Soichi Hirano

3 replies on “Mixcloud Best of 2014: Top 25 Listeners”

This used to be about the quality and depth of programs the listener was digging up and finding on Mixcloud. The first few years you would post this list and you could really follow and find qualtity through the Top Listeners list. Now it’s just about who can leave their stream up and running to compile listens. Meh…

Hi Madrid7,

We’re sorry to hear you feel this way. Best of 2014 lists were compiled based on their engagement score (a total of listening minutes generated, number of plays, Reposts, shares etc.). For listeners, we simply looked at the total number of listening minutes they spent on the site and wanted to reward them for their engagement and continuing support this way.

Thus these lists were purposefully built with numbers in mind but across the year our team makes a concerned effort to support both popular and up-coming members of the community alike.

If you’d like to chat further about this please email us at

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