30 Minutes of Bass Education


Dubstep, in all its permutations, is a very special sound.

Having grown from the depths of Croydon in South London to the mainstream stadiums of America (and Glastonbury , it is also a truly global sound. It has many names, many supporters and many haters – but whatever your opinion, there’s no denying it’s evolved since the early days far beyond what any of the founding fathers could or would have dreamed of.

In their continued efforts to support dubstep (in almost all of its forms) FatKidOnFire partnered with a new initiative created by Dutch producer/ DJ Dubbacle to bring you an education in the sound we all know and love.

The suitably titled “30 minutes of Bass Education” mixes and write ups document producers we feel are responsible, in some way or other, for making the genre what it is today. You will always lose out in a half hour mix but, in our opinion, these mixes should serve as an inspiration to re-visit or re/discover the artists’ music yourself – rather than us giving you an end-to-end education in one go.

The 30 Minutes of Bass Education mixes, and the features that accompany them, will drop every two weeks until we run out of producers we think should be featured (which, by the current count, is some point early 2016). Enjoy!

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