Mixcloud Tips Series: 4 Simple Ways to Share Your Mixes on Social Media

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Be sure to include the Twitter handles of any partners involved. Use Bitly links to help monitor traffic – it’s a very useful analytics tool.


There are 2 ways of sharing on Facebook for maximum results:

  1. Image + link > we suggest you make use of adding a compelling image with links. Ideally, use the Cloudcast URL to drive plays to your upload with just one click!
  2. Link > Facebook automatically creates an embed for Mixcloud links. This way, your listeners will be prompted to ‘Open Mixcloud in a new page’ and will be taken straight to your Mixcloud page. We don’t necessarily like that but it’s still better than using a link shortener, which Facebook treats as spam sites. Stay tuned for news regarding our integration with Facebook.


We recommend formatting your posts with an image, short description and an embedded Cloudcast – it looks really good on the Dashboard. Tags, don’t forget about the Tags. They’re a wonderful way for people to discover your posts – the right Tags will drive traffic to your Tumblr (always use the #Mixcloud tag along with #Music #DJ #Mix #Cloudcast).


You know you can embed your Cloudcast to WordPress? We’ve got a neat little Cloudcast Widget you can embed into any of your posts. Simply go to the desired Cloudcast, go to ‘Share’ and then click on the ‘WordPress’ button and use the ‘WordPress Short Code’ – simple as that! More info here.

Written by Shivam Sukha

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I post my link on my DJ page which is fine but when I try to share it I get a message at the bottom which says ‘Some people may not be able to see this attachment because of its privacy settings.’ I’d like to know how this can be fixed.

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