Introducing: Repost

Mixcloud Repost

We’re excited to announce that you can now Repost on Mixcloud, opening up new possibilities for discovery and sharing.

  • If you’re listening to a particularly good mix, Podcast or radio show, click Repost to share it to your Profile Stream and your friends and followers’ Feeds – it’s like curating your own radio station!
  • Got a friend who always seems to find great new music? Follow them and other tastemakers to discover great new Cloudcasts for your listening pleasure.
  • Are you a DJ or presenter with a radio show or guest mixes on other Profiles? Now you can gather all of your content in one place and your fans can Repost your uploads to help you reach new listeners.

Clicking Repost on any piece of content will make it appear at the top of your stream. Don’t worry if you change your mind – you can remove a Repost at any time.

Why Repost?

  • Spread your content to a whole new audience
  • Combine your content from multiple profiles
  • Connect with similar Mixclouders and support each other
  • Become an expert curator and grow your audience

Repost is available today on the desktop website, mobile website, native apps and the widgets. Try it out now!

13 replies on “Introducing: Repost”

It doesn’t look as if you can repost your own content??? It would be a great feature, if you could repost old episodes of a series, but it only looks like you can repost others cloudcasts. Not cool…

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