DJ Tech Tools: Where Are Your Mixes Safe?


DJ Tech Tools have been around for a while and their opinion is one of trust and credence within the electronic music scene. It came as a delight then that they chose Mixcloud as an alternate platform for content creators to host their DJ Mixes.

To read the original article titled: “Your DJ Sets Aren’t Safe on Soundcloud: 6 Alternatives” – click HERE.

Where do Mixcloud come into this?

Our features are unrivalled in the Mix and Radio Broadcasting scene:

  • No upload limits
  • We pay license fees in the style of a radio station so that your mixes will not be pulled down
  • Cross-compatibility with DJ software including Traktor, Serato, and Mixvibes.
  • Timestamping
  • Embed your Cloudcasts across the web
  • Highly engaged community

If you’re looking for a steady platform that always plays by the rules then Mixcloud is the place for you.

Read DJ Tech Tools’ article HERE.

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