Mixcloud Tips Series #2: How to Reach More Listeners in 4 Easy Steps


1. Add Follow Widget

Let your fans know they can find you on Mixcloud by adding the ‘Follow‘ widget on your site or blog. Just go on your profile page and under the description click on ‘Share’ – it really is as easy as that! More info HERE.

2. Mixcloud Icon to Share Buttons

Add a Mixcloud icon next to other social media buttons on your blog or site. You can get them HERE.

3. Mixcloud Widgets to Embed Cloudcasts

You can now add a new HTML-based embeddable widget, better still – you don’t even have to worry about Flash compatibility. The widget looks and feels just like the new desktop and mobile versions of Mixcloud giving you the same great experience wherever you are! Click HERE for more information.

4. Embed Multicloudcasts using a simple widget

If you collect your Cloudcast’s in a playlist, our new feature allows you to embed multiple Cloudcasts across the web. Go to your profile, find the desired playlist, click on ‘Share’ and you will see a pop-up box. From there, click on Embed Player and paste it across your site or blog. More info HERE.


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