Digital DJ Tips on uploading DJ mixes


The team over at Digital DJ Tips have always impressed us with their knowledge and understanding of the DJ landscape. They recently wrote an informative post about uploading DJ mixes and radio shows/Podcasts to the Internet and the challenges with some platforms due to copyright and take downs.

Their conclusion is a pretty clear, 100% recommendation to use Mixcloud for DJ/radio content since our platform is built with this audience in mind:

“As ever, we recommend services like Mixcloud. Mixcloud may look similar, but it operates on a different type of licence. One of the stipulations of Mixcloud’s licence is that mixes on the service aren’t downloadable”

“Me? It has to be Mixcloud – worry removed from your shoulders and your mixes safely available on a smart, stable platform.”

So if you’re looking for a trusted place to upload DJ mixes and music radio shows to the web, you know where to come!

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