Mixcloud & IRF Online Radio Awards 2014



We’re proud to present our newest project that celebrates online radio around the world: Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

We thought it’s about time you guys are accredited for all the hard work that goes into producing an Online Radio Show or Station so we’ve launched our very first Online Radio Awards 2014 in partnership with International Radio Festival.

What is Online Radio?

It’s radio that is made readily available over the internet and can be accessed on any type of device be it laptop, phone or tablet – basically anything that can be connected to the internet.

How do I get involved?

We’ve got 10 categories for ‘Best Online Radio Show’ and 5 categories for ‘Best Online Radio Station’ so we can guarantee that there is something in there for you! Voting is open to anyone, anywhere in the world and you can vote for your favourite Online Show or Station by filling out this simple form HERE.

If you’re looking to win the award of ‘Best Online Radio Show’ or ‘Best Online Radio Station’ then get sharing over social media to boost your chances!

Remember if you’re tweeting about the awards use: #MixcloudAwards

For more information visit our Mixcloud Online Radio Awards website HERE and help us spread the word.

GOOD LUCK!  Written by Shivam Sukha


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