How to create a stylish Mixcloud profile in 4 steps

Stand out from the crowd with a stylish and smart Mixcloud profile.

Updated on 24/10/17

1. Profile photo

Whether you’re an individual or a brand, the image should be an expression of your identity. Aim for a bold yet simple image so it stands out from the crowd and use high-resolution photos (at least 640px x 640px), otherwise the image might appear grainy or blurry on retina displays.

And don’t forget the maximum file size is 10mb.

2. Cover photo

This is the cover image for the top of your profile page. Make sure it’s at least 1460px wide and 370px tall for best results. If you choose not to upload anything, we will automatically set the header to a dark blue.

Generally-speaking, the header should compliment your existing style. Avoid anything too complicated or busy, and opt for a simple header that matches the rest of your profile, perhaps like this.

3. Description

Keep it short and snappy. Describe what you’re all about, what genres of music you’ll be sharing or what topics you’ll be talking about in your podcasts. And don’t forget to include all your other blogs, websites or any channel you want people to browse.

4. Mix artwork

The artwork for your mixes is probably the most important visual element of your profile. It’s the first thing people will see when they search for your shows or discover them in the charts.

If you’re running a mix series, considering using a consistent theme; you don’t have to, but it can make things look more professional and stylish.

If you don’t own any images, you can use royalty free images like the ones from The ideal image size is 500px x 500px. For best results, avoid adding too much text in the images and keep them as clear as possible.

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