Red Bull Panamérika Celebrates 300 Shows


Panamérica are prominent innovators in charge of keeping the Hispanic indie music scene alive; they’re a Spanish speaking radio station that is showcased across RBMA Radio and Red Bull Panamérika every Friday.

Here at Mixcloud we like to give recognition to the real movers-and-shakers across the globe, the ones that take the initiative and produce shows in real earnest of what they want to achieve. Speaking to the Music Content Curator of Panamérika – Uriel Waizel – he says that “Iberoamerican music is underexposed to the global eye” and that it’s incredibly important to “skip the language barrier and just listen to the vibe of the music“. And you know what? We agree.

Uriel goes on to say that the station doesn’t advocate pretentiousness – they do what they love – “it’s loony and it’s music [that is] both very high-brow and tropical-sleazy. There’s [some] great experimental, electronica, hip-hop, post-rock, shoegaze, and indie-pop made over here”. Panamérika really is a “true window to the now“.

The station is currently celebrating their 300th show, a feat that we think deserves a wider acclaim because they connect a local scene to the global community it’s still helping to create, and an older generation to the younger ones it’s still inspiring. You can join the Hispanic fraternity that is looking to make a spirited difference right here on Mixcloud.

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