Boteco Brasil, Soho: Official Brazilian World Cup Experience

boteco 1

The World Cup only comes around every four years so why not experience it in the best possible way? We’re talking about an all-embracing combination of the most pallet-stimulating cuisine; edifying and contemporary Brazilian art; a fully-immersive Mixcloud-curated sonic experience, and an atmosphere that’ll have you flaunting the streets of Soho with your finest carnival attire. Oh, and the entire event is officially supported by the Brazilian Embassy!

Simone Matter is an artist with degrees in graphic and industrial design but her love of food comes synonymous with culinary precision, craft, art, originality and perfect flavour. She provides a special dining experience with a rich Brazilian nuance integrated with intentionally formulated surroundings; everything is there for a reason and nothing is a mistake.

“What about the big screens?” we hear you say. Don’t worry about that – The Gallery comes equipped with huge HD screens, a fully-rigged sound system and two manned cocktail bars that play host to an intimate yet lively crowd of 100-people. In between matches you’ll be treated to art exhibitions, culinary classes, talks, galleries and film screenings all directed towards the extensive Brazilian culture.

Mixcloud are in action throughout the evening providing the ultimate Brazilian soundtrack from Bossa Nova to Jazz, Samba, Carnival and Brazilian House. Apart from spending your annual wage on visiting South America within this next month, you probably won’t find a better second place to experience the World Cup 2014 in the UK. Here’s a little taster of what to expect from Mixcloud at Boteco Brasil:

Visit the official website for tickets and more details HERE.

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