Platform & function: music and branding’s next stage

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We’ve been featured in Music Ally’s recent “Sandbox” issue in a cover-piece titled “Platform & function: music and branding’s next stage”.

This in depth analysis of some of the current key trends in the brand and music space is a must read for marketeers who are working with music. It starts with 2 key trends in the space – pragmatism and authenticity.

“In order to be effective in a cluttered consumer marketplace where digital noise is getting louder and more problematic to rise above, brands must embed themselves in consumer culture and bring a badge of authenticity to the table. They must be a trusted voice for consumers in their target markets. Even better, they must establish themselves as the channel for the content that the consumer wants.”

Mixcloud is then featured with our long standing and powerful Red Bull Thre3Style partnership.

“The Red Bull Thre3style DJ contest is a good example of this. Now in its fourth year, it is a multi-territory contest run in partnership between Red Bull and Mixcloud. DJs are invited to take part in local live mixing contests and the winners go to the grand final. All mixes – from the initial online submissions to the live contests and world finals – are hosted on a Red Bull Thre3style branded page on Mixcloud, creating a large and engaging pool of exclusive content for the brand.”

Cliff Fluet from Lewis Silkin goes on to talk about the topic in the context of radio advertising:

“Simply buying radio advertisements gives you repetition, but the value is seen as lower than that provided by sponsorship. It’s about achieving synergy with a programme – or a genre or style of programming – rather than being based on interruptive advertising.”

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