How to import a Serato tracklist to Mixcloud

If you use Serato to create your mixes this is a very useful video that will teach you how to import the tracklist with timestamps to your Cloudcast.


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How can I delete a cloudcast in the new mixcloud site? I can’t find any delete button in the editor, asked couple times in your give us feedback box, never got any answer.
If there is no way to take off mixes I uploaded on my account then I’m going to leave mixcloud, this is a basic feature. House-mixes and mixcrate do a better service and their support guys answer at least.

Hey, sorry to bother once more… My actual problem is I don’t know where I should ask or report things to get helpful answers. Anytime I contact the official support I never ever get a reply, same for the old feedback forum; while here I got useful help right away where it’s actually the wrong place. What am I supposed to do? For example I’d like to report the “related cloudcasts” function might be improved, it gives nothing but house mixes to a 70’s rock mix I put… I don’t want to hijack the comment sections of random blog entries but the official support is dead, contacting them is a waste of time…?

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