Straight from the play box..

In the spirit of Mixcloud community, we wanted to position the looking glass over Kieran Lockyear and his project ‘Straight from the play box’, which has brought together DJs from all over the world to create a virtual festival of vinyl 45s shared from their own collections.

There are alot of great djs and collectors world wide who have some very rare (original) Soul/Funk 45s in there collection that you cant hear unless you happen to go to an event… so I asked a couple of djs if they would send me a mix of just ten 45s from there play box and they were kind enough to oblige, so I asked a few more, were at 60+ now and still more to come” Kieran.

The series has gained notoriety across the world as more and more DJs get involved and is quite possibly one of the best selections of soul & funk vinyls on the net today.

To listen to the full collection on Mixcloud, click here.

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