The New Mixcloud Is Live


After months of blood, sweat, tears… Well in reality, lots of late nights, coffee and hard work put in by our awesome product team, Mixcloud X is finally here.

For those of you yet to discover the marvels of our beta site, here is what the press had to say about our redesign…

It’s a good look at a time when visual design elements are an increasingly important aspect of one’s listening environment.” Hype Bot

“Mixcloud’s interface on the web now matches the excellent experience provided on the native iOS and Android apps.”

“Consider it ‘a Shazam for radio’… which is handy, to say the least.” The Next Web

“Mixcloud is not just for the listener as DJs and labels can upload their mixes to the site for the world to hear making Mixcloud an all essential tool for DJ marketing and promotion” DJ Mag


Find out what our users’ first impressions are here:

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