Mixcloud Widgets

Mixcloud has several widgets to offer – embeddable playable snippets of code that can be placed into any HTML website or blog on the web.
They come in many shapes, sizes and colors and can be used several ways as illustrated blelow.

Single Cloudcast Widgets

Adjust the size and add a bit of extra color to your Cloudcast widget like so:

Multiple Cloudcast Widgets

You can also generate widgets that will embed multiple Cloudcasts, which are all playable from one player. These playlists can be generated from almost any list of Cloudcasts on Mixcloud. The lists can be ordered according “Popular”, “Hot” or most recent. By default they show 10 Cloudcasts and are automatically updated from the site.

To generate the code, you need only click the button for the list of Cloudcasts. Here’s a few good examples:

Profile Uploads

Embed the latest Cloudcasts from any Cloudcaster profile – each time the Cloudcaster uploads the widget will update itself. Nice.


Create a Playlist containing any Cloudcast and embed this on one single multi-cloudcast widget. The widget will be updated each time you add a new Cloudcast to the Playlist.

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