Producers Special

From J Dilla and Premier to Malcom McLaren and Giorgio Moroder, we’ve got a stack load of Cloudcasts that pay homage to many of music’s pioneering producers with mixes from reputable musicians and some from our own expert curators.  We’re bringing you some fine audio content to showcase some of the industry’s most recognised and original producers from the realms of hip hop, jazz, rock, electronic, funk and beyond.



Giorgio Moroder’s productions have been sampled, referenced and remixed by the best beatmakers of the last 20 years (think Mobb Deep, J Dilla and DOOM to cite a few). Wriggly Scott takes us on a journey through the supreme musical compositions of one of the true greats of disco and electronic music.


Pete Rock VS Dj Premier

The two best Hip Hop producers ever? Pete Rock and DJ Premier represent the mainstays of 1990s East Coast Hip Hop and have both been massively influential to the genre. From Pete Rock’s work with CL Smooth and Biggie, to Premo’s formidable productions for the likes of Gangstarr and Jay-Z, their sounds have been stamped on some of the best hip hop tracks made. Vinyl Addict pits their wits here with a high-grade mix that showcases the wizardry of two incredible producers.


Nile Rodgers – Mixed By DJ Superix

From his disco beginnings as co-founder of Chic, to his work with the likes of Aretha Frankiln, David Bowie and Madonna, and right through to his recent collaboration with Daft Punk, Nile Rogers has crossed many different musical paths in his career. Southern Hospitality serve up an hour and a half of disco-fused pop from one of the best producers ever.


Osunlade – Tribute to Prince

DJ Osunlade brings his fanatic Prince knowledge to the table and does a fine job of educating us through the sounds one of the most iconic musicians of our time. Funk-guitar riffs, soulful falsetto singing and micro-detailed song production, Prince’s music has transcended genre and generations.


JBoogie – Vintage Diversity: A Tribute to Donald Byrd

From groundbreaking jazz rhythms and funky disco boogie edits, Donald Byrd pioneered soul and jazz genres and inspired a generation of hip hop producers sampling his sounds from the likes of J Dilla, Gangstarr and The Pharycyde. Enjoy this 80 minute mix from Brooklyn Radio’s J Boogie.


100% Robert Glasper

A shining light of contemporary jazz, soul and R&B, Robert Glasper is a jazz pianist virtuoso with a natural affinity towards Hip Hop. Adam Kvasnica flicks through the soulful, melodic and expansive jazz stylings of the American.


All Burial Mix

With his dark underground soundscapes formed upon a unique blend of jungle, 2-step and UK garage, Burial has forged a distinguishable sound so recognisable to many. This mix takes us through the catalogue of one of the most definitive and talked about electronic producer’s of recent times.


A Tribute To J Dilla

Producer for the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Common, J Dilla has become one of the most lauded hip-hop producers of all time. Dilla’s dynamic and intricate productions have become a driving influence in modern hip hop. The Soul DoJo tributes a musical magician who left behind a timeless body of work which will be played and rediscovered for years to come.


The Neptunes Vs Timbaland Mix

The Neptunes and Timbaland massively contributed the sounds of many notable hip hop and R&B artists in the late 90’s and 2000, dishing up genre-defying productions for a whole host of major artists. DJ Brain Child plays out their complementary cross-genre styles with a load of notable tracks from the likes of Aaliyah, Missy Elliot and NERD.


Rick Rubin Mixtape

Rick Rubin has been a key figure behind the commercial rise of hip hop. Recognised for his signature rap/metal style Rubin’s productions span an impressive range of artists, from Kanye West and Jay-Z right through to Johnny Cash and Metallica.



Even before his debut album Kanye West was making waves with productions for artists like Jay Z and Talib Kweli. Flawless soul samples and intricate production methods have seen Kanye become a major player in the game, and asides an impressive production range on his own material he’s also guest produced records for a variety of artists like Drake, DMX, Lupe Fiasco and Common. Audio 1 dishes up a selection of classic tracks from the most talked about rapper of our era.


Perfect Four Tet

Kieran Hebdan aka Four Tet is one of those producers with a diverse and cinematic sound to his productions. His music fuses elements of hip hop, electronica, techno and jazz in the most deft of ways, exemplified excellently within this mix by DJ Rich Ears.


The Big Medley: Radiohead

Nigel Godrich has been hailed as the ‘sixth member’ of Radiohead having produced everyone of their albums since OK Computer, not to mention producing Thom Yorke’s The Eraser and Yorke’s latest project Atoms For Piece. This mix gives a comprehensive run through of his production work of one of the UKs most coveted bands.


Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix

When it comes to music, Premier and Malcom McLaren are two artists you probably wouldn’t ever think to mention in the same breath. The former a Hip Hop legend, the latter a pioneering Punk aficionado. Collating some of McLaren’s career highlights with tracks from himself, the Sex Pistols and Bow Wow, Premo brings his Hip Hop flavour to show-off McLaren’s inspiring punk influence.


Digster presents: Produced by Hit-Boy

On a more contemporary tip comes Hit-Boy who’s been a real figurehead in Urban music over the past year or so, most notably for his work on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s smash hit “N****s In Paris,” which dominated charts and sets all over the globe. This 30 minute mix gives a nice insight into the work of a producer very much on the radar of many artists.

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