GigaTools now for Mixcloud

We’re very happy to announce that GigaTools just launched their integration with Mixcloud.

mixcloud gigatools

GigaTools is a promotional tool for artists, bands, labels & agents to manage, promote and share their upcoming gigs online. GigaTools allows you to update multiple sites and social networks with something they call gig schedule by plugging into all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and now Mixcloud.

If you’re already on GigaTools simply log in and follow the link to Edit User and from that page, Connect to Mixcloud. You will then be taken to Mixcloud where you can grant permission to the GigaTools Mixcloud App and from then on, your Mixcloud profile will feature a micro Gigs listing and a link to your GigaTools profile page which we will update daily.

Apart from updating your profiles with the latest gigs on all these services, you can also set up automated announcements to go out to your social networks as well as keep fans up to date with a bunch of options such as iCal & Google Calender feeds & RSS feeds.

You can give GigaTools a try with a free trial account from

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