Remembering Amy Winehouse

Amy V2-02-02

Today, 2 years after her death, is a day to look back on the lyrical and music wizardry of Amy Winehouse. We’ve selected 5 mixes to help you remember and appreciate her work.

Amy, Amy, Amy!

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Spanning her career from the Jazz base to the soul wrenching Back to Black, the mix by Nikko Patrelakis for DOC TV captures her sound including remixes by Hot Chip.

Mitch Winehouse presents… Amy’s Jukebox on heat radio

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Around the year anniversary of her death, Mitch Winehouse presented Amy’s Jukebox: a loving look at Amy’s favourite music interspersed with anecdotes. A light-hearted but genuine portrayal by one close to her.

Terry Urban Presents: Nas x Amy Winehouse – Mr. & Mr. Jones 

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Bringing Nas and Amy Winehouse together… What a way to commemorate? 2011 saw the release of Nas’ album the week before the first year anniversary of Winehouse’s death. This inspired Terry Urban to bring together the two as a part of Okayplayer’s Mixtape Mondays.

Amy Amy Amy – A Tribute to Amy Winehouse

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Influences including The Ronettes and Billie Holiday alongside herself and her god-daughter Dionne Bromfield: this tribute mix from Germany is a well-rounded representation of someone that will influence many.

Amy Amy Amy – Amy Winehouse Tribute Mixtape

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Almost an hour and a half of Amy Winehouse’s art… From Frank to work she did with Mark Ronson, the mix of Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Soul remain throughout.

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