A Tribute to Daft Punk

In the spirit of Daft Punk’s hyped new album release we’ve put together some Cloudcasts to showcase the influence of their music and to highlight some of the origins of their musical inspirations. As true purveyors of electronic, soulful, disco-fueled and all round dance-inspired beats, here’s a timely reminder to honor Daft Punk’s illustrious career with a selection of mixes that span the wonderful soundscapes of the funky, melancholic French duo. 

Daft punk list on Mixcloud

1. Daft Punk : The Samples – Chris Reed 


Chris Read serves up an excellent mixtape that lays down some of the duo’s most deftly crafted sample edits.

2. Daft Punk Essential Mix Classic 1997 – Barvz


One of THE Essential Mixes let alone of 97, vintage Daft Punk showing off their impeccable DJing skills. Slaloming through an eclectic set of 90’s house & Chicago house, this set flows furiously with party vibes.

3. Andi Durrant meets Daft Punk : Human After All – Andi Durrant


Andi Durrant hosts a rare interview with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in the build up to Random Access Memories. Nice chat with the tracks to match.

4. Dazed Digital Mix : The Giorgio Moroder Masterclass – Wriggly Scott


To celebrate their Daft Punk vs Giorgio Moroder feature, Dazed got Wriggly Scott to delve deep into the masterful and pioneering discography of the Italian. An educational and insightful journey.

5. Tron Legacy Soundtrack Mix – Enceladus


Out of interest to hear a continuation of the Tron Legacy soundtrack, Enceladus created this 30 minute mix that collates the cinematic soundscapes of Daft Punk’s Tron offering.

6. Tribute to Daft Punk – Arturs Mednis


Daft Punk are renowned kingpins for their sampling and looping methods and this mix illuminates the ingenuity of their music with an extensive run-through of some of the key tracks they sampled.

7. The Gold and the Silver Dream (1971-1982) A Tribute to Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ – Musicophilia


The sonic sounds from 1972-1982 that inspired the creation of Random Access Memories mixed by Soundslike for the Musicophilia blog.

8. All Daft  – CEDE


Nearly 2 hours of Daft Punk mixed together for your listening pleasure!

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