3 Tips for A Killer DJ Set

We’re running a DJ competition that can land you a DJ gig at Pacha in Ibiza so we thought we’d throw in a little help. Sarah Main has been a resident DJ at Pacha for almost 13 years – find out what it takes to be an internationally acclaimed DJ at one of the most famous clubs in the world.

DJing will always to a great passion of mine so to have it as my full time job is pretty awesome. I am touring, making music and enjoying my life of music based here in Ibiza.

I have been playing for 20 years now and at the moment I am more excited about DJing than I was when I started. The music is great, the vibe fresh, and there is a barrage of innovative technology that allows me to get much more creative with my mixing. Electronic music is the headlining act on the world stage  and I’m happy to be involved!

Our MAINroom Ibiza party was launched at Pacha Ibiza in 2011 and now tours internationally. Our agency which formed early this year promotes the best Ibiza talent and a few hot new producers with party dates around Ibiza and beyond. MAINroom music will be launched at the beginning of the summer and will feature music from myself and our MAINroom agency DJ’s. Things are looking hot for 2013! Its a very rewarding time for me and the MAINroom team.

As a long-term successful resident DJ at Pacha, Sarah’s now got  few aces up her sleeve. Check out her top 3 tips that will turn your DJ set at Pacha into a killer one:
1. I always like the analogy of the night being like a book. It has a beginning middle and end. Every part needs to be executed correctly to tell the whole story. If you read the last chapter first you would ruin the book. The warm up should create a little mystery and entice the reader to find out what happens next.
2. A good warm up should be a nice groovy gradual build keeping the energy in line  with that of your crowd. You can take cues from their subtle movements. These cues will tell you exactly when its time to take it up a notch and get the crowd on the floor. Look for the head nodding and toe tapping and watch the swell around the dancefloor and decide when its ready to pop!.
3. My aim is to always to leave the guest a packed dancefloor with people full of anticipation and excitement. I always leave space for the guest to raise the energy level and also the volume on the mixer…

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