How to embed your Cloudcast into WordPress

Have you ever tried embedding your Cloudcast into your WordPress blog with no success? If so, we just found a solution for you.

Typically, you cannot add Flash, iframe, or Javascript based objects in (because you’re not allowed to use such codes in blogs, for security reasons).  Provided you transform the embed code into the appropriate shortcode, this will work in text widgets (for your sidebar/bottombar), as well as posts and pages (in the HTML editor).

Have a look at the image below to find out how:


For more info go here.

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I still cannot figure this out. I tried removing all text except the flash URL and it shows up with the player, but can’t connect to the mixcloud website.

But once I add all the previous text back in which I would assume allows Mixcloud to connect to wordpress, the player won’t show up.

I’ve been using this text to try it out:

Techno Volume 2 by Lazarus Faith on Mixcloud

Unfortunately the only way to fix this issue is by submitting a request to WordPress to allow Mixcloud embeds.

We switched from a Flash-based widget to an HTML one and this alternative solution we found doesn’t work anymore.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I’m quite new to WordPress and really struggling to embed my mixcloud shows into my wordpress pages…still can’t work out if it’s the fault of WordPress – or my inability to follow simple instructions??

It’s much easier to embed your Cloudcasts into WordPress now. Simply go to the Cloudcast page, click on ‘Share’, then ‘WordPress’. Then click on ‘Copy code to clipboard’ and paste it into your WordPress article. Piece of cake 🙂

I’m having trouble embedding a cloudcast on wordpress. For some reason when I click share, it just goes straight to sharing it on my personal Facebook profile; there’s no option to choose to share it on WordPress or anywhere else. Any idea why this might be?


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