Ibiza & Mallorca Rocks Competition: How to create the perfect mixtape


Do you have what it takes to be the next Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ? Here’s some tips Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ Nicola Bear on how to create that perfect Rocks Mixtape.

1. Do your research on acts that are playing at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks also W.A.R! and include them in your mixes.

2. Make your mix an eclectic range of different genres of music, remember Rocks & W.A.R! are events that cover a wide range of music from indie, DnB, hip hop, house and so on, so your mix should showcase that.

3. Show you can switch between genres as one week you will warming up for Dizzee Rascal, the next week could be The Vaccines. Researching the acts and artists that compliment them is a big part of warming up for top bands and performers.

4. Include new music in your mix as Rocks and W.A.R are all about bringing through new artists and showcase what you think is going to be a big in the future. Don’t forget the bangers now though…

5. Finally… keep your mix fun and accessible to a wide range of music lovers.


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