Who to turn to when things go wrong. Or incredibly well.

You know how people see websites as these faceless beings that live in the Internet matrix? Well, behind all this digitalness there is always someone sweating hard to build what most of us now take for granted: the awesome free web.

Mixcloud falls no shorter, having an amazing team that you can just about use all your fingers to count. Ten incredibly talented guys with a huge passion for what they’re doing and guess what: the new girl.

I usually go by the name Andreea and I take pride in my addiction to yoghurt, music and startups. Also, allow me to introduce myself as the new Community Manager who promises to do her best at keeping you awesome Mixclouders happy and up-to-speed with our latest news.

You’ll see me facebooking, tweeting, boasting about new Cloudcasts and other cool stuff you should be aware of, inviting you to some crazy events and generally talking music, radio and podcasts.

But more than anything else my job will be to remind you that Mixcloud is about YOU. It’s there for you to enjoy, curate and share great audio content. Truth is, there is more to Mixcloud than just a useful website and that something is its community. The brilliant Cloudcasters and amazing listeners.

Mixcloud is about all of you. See you in the ‘Cloud.

Oh yeah, one more thing. This is me in what I would like to think is not one of my best pics:


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