Mixcloud May Newsletter: our new Dashboard, Upload Notifications, and Classical Category!

Dear listeners,

The Mixcloud May newsletter is a special one, packed full of new features that we’re sure you’ll love — the new Dashboard, Upload Notifications, tweeks to the Category pages, plus our brand new Classical Music Category!

New Dashboard

Now you can find all the activity of all the users you follow in one place. See what your friends are listening to, posting to Facebook, or check out what Moby listens to on a Tuesday.

The Dashboard is also a one-stop shop to find your Groups, Playlists, Favorites, Uploads and the Hot List.

Log in and take it for a test drive

Upload Notifications

It’s the little things. We wanted to make sure that you never miss the latest Cloudcasts from the DJs and radio presenters that you follow… so we created Upload Notifications!

Upload notifications display the last five uploads from the users that you follow, and can be accessed across the site.

Experience them in action right this way

"Show more"

The Category Pages are the place to discover the best DJs and broadcasters in the genres you love! Now we’ve made a small change to make them even better: hit "Show More" at the bottom of each category and browse through ALL the featured Cloudcasters.

Peruse the Category pages right here

Classical Music Category

Mixcloud isn’t just about electronic dance music. To prove it, we’ve just launched a brand new Classical Music Category!

Currently featuring the likes of NPR Classical, Independent Classical, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Concert Podcast, The London Philharmonic Orchestra — keep your eyes peeled for more Classical Cloudcasters coming soon!

This way for the sounds of strings

Thanks for tuning in and happy listening!


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