Mixcloud and Juno Download team up to improve music identification for radio

We’re excited to announce a new partnership today with leading online MP3 store, Juno Download. We like to think of it as a sort of “Shazam for radio”! This awesome new feature is designed to help listeners discover and buy the music they hear in radio shows and DJ mixes more easily.

How does it work? After you upload your Cloudcast to Mixcloud, we will send it to Juno Download to be analysed and identified. They use a number of innovative and unique methods to enable accurate matching of tracks which are mixed together and pitched up or down in the mix, using their database of nearly 4m tracks. The tracklist data is then sent back to us, alongside accurate start-and-stop times and “buy” links, for a much more awesome listening experience.

This new feature solves the age old problem of trying to identify or purchase the music you discover through DJ mixes and radio shows. Now when you’re listening to some of the world’s best DJs on Mixcloud, you’ll be able to discover and buy the music in 1 click!

Sam Cooke, Co-founder of Mixcloud, said: “listening to Mixcloud has expanded my musical tastes and helped me discover new artists. Now it’s even easier to see the tracks and artists that I’m listening to. Being able to click directly to the tracks on Juno Download is great, not only for me as a consumer, but for the artists and labels that we support.”

Co-founder of Juno, John Atherton added “Juno is really excited to be able to introduce this service which allows us to match up the largest dance and electronic music catalogue on the web to Mixcloud’s incredible platform. We see this as the first important step in helping users find more of what they want and supporting artists with easy, convenient and legal sales channels.”

Check out the feature in action on this brilliant Laid Back Radio label mix for Tru Thoughts:

Thank you Tru-Thoughts by Laid Back on Mixcloud

And while you’re at it, join the Juno Download group here for updates on their brilliant genre Podcast series:

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bullsghit system replaced our live improvised played set with other peoples tracks in the tracklist. fuck them, that isn’t even their music that they’re getting credit for. shit system. remove it rather than fuck us live artists over like this. I feel so insulted.

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