New Feature: Add to Queue!

Add to queue

Yep, that’s right, another new Mixcloud feature is flung your way. Drum roll please… may I introduce to you, “Add to Queue”.

What a delightful idea! You can swan around our little site clicking here there and everywhere, selecting all the Cloudcasts you want to listen to, and we’ll stack them up in our Player, ready for you to plough through. Lean back, relax and let us handle the stereo.

So, ‘how does it work’ I hear you ask…

It’s simple, find a Cloudcast and click play! If you already have a Player open, hovering over a play button will give you the choice of listening in a new window or adding it to your current Player.

Once the Player has finished playing one Cloudcast it will automatically jump to the next… you don’t have to do a thing! You can schedule your whole days listening, becoming your very own radio station programmer. Wow this is next level internet radio’ing!

Peek below to see what we’re talking about and go try it out for yourself.

Add to queue - How to

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