New Features: Playlists and Follow Widgets

Regular users of Mixcloud will have noticed a lot of updates to the site in recent weeks. You won’t be surprised to hear that today we have a whole load more for you, our beautiful users. Without further ado, we present Playlists and Follower Widgets!

Playlists allow any user to build up lists of Cloudcasts for sharing and listening. Whether you want to start a list of Cloudcasts to listen to at work, or want to share a list of incredible Cloudcasts with your friends, Playlists are the tool for the job. Simply click ‘Add to playlist…’ on any Cloudcast page to get started.

Newly created Playlists automatically appear on your profile under a new ‘Playlists’ tab. You can edit their contents (adding, deleting, and reordering Cloudcasts, plus writing a description for your Playlist) by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button. There are no limits to the Cloudcasts you can add to a Playlist and who you can share it with. Be creative!

You can also generate Multi-Cloudcast Widgets for your Playlists. What’s more, they automatically update every time you edit the Playlist, keeping track of all your changes! As someone, somewhere once said: Here’s One We Made Earlier.

Cloudcasts for a Rainy Day by The Closer Sound on Mixcloud

Secondly, we present lovely little Follow Widgets for all our users to embed on websites around the world. The widget shows who is following you on Mixcloud and displays a big shiny button for people to follow you through. Click ‘Embed’ on your Profile to generate yours.

As with all Mixcloud Widgets, the Follow Widget is fully customisable. Change the pixel dimensions to suit your needs and choose whether to display follower profile pictures with the ‘Faces’ option.

As per the example below:

Follow The Closer Sound on Mixcloud

As someone else once said, “That’s All Folks” (for the time being at least). Do stay tuned into the Cloud, though, for lots and lots of exciting new updates in the near future.

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