Celebration of Curation 2011: Week One

The first week of this year’s Celebration of Curation has been a great success, featuring a wide range of exciting and eclectic content from heavyweight partners. We’ve reached out far and wide to team-up with some of the largest musical and cultural curators from around the globe. These select partners present Cloudcasts representative of the quality and quantity of content that can be found on Mixcloud: from nationally syndicated newspapers to independent record shops; FM radio stations; Eastern European Music Festivals; San Francisco Bay Area music promoters; taste-maker radio shows, and more.

Although we’d love to write in depth features on all the amazing people we collaborated with in this year’s Celebration of Curation, we’re going to have to limit ourselves to mention the office favourites from week one (in this blog post, at least).


Monday kicked proceedings off with Celebration of Mix Series, and featured a brilliant Cloudcast from Guardian Travel — a partner mix to the Berlin edition of their interactive travel guides. The selections by Henning Lahmann (of the No Fear of Pop blog) run deep on this one. If you’re dithering about whether to go to Berlin or not, might we suggest pressing play on this to help make your mind up?


Guardian city guides – No Fear of Pop’s Berlin Soundtrack by Guardiantravel on Mixcloud


Tuesday saw Celebration of Music Platforms and featured Silicon Roundabout friends The DJ team went all out and compiled a mix of huge quality. It’s definitely worth setting some time aside to enjoy this one. DJ Team Mix by Last.Fm Dj Team on Mixcloud


Celebration of Record Shops went off across the board on Wednesday, but Beatport’s ‘Beatport Loves Pianos Mix’ was a Mixcloud office staple. Anything that blasts off with the Jourbet Singers’s ‘Stand on the Word’ is definitely taking you somewhere special.  A+


Beatport Loves Pianos by Beatport on Mixcloud


We had British radio heavyweights Xfm grace Celebration of Broadcasters on Thursday, with a radio show from one of the newest DJs on their roster. You might have heard of him; he’s called Mix Master Mike…? And he played with some guys called the Beastie Boys… apparently…? Nope, us neither, but his show is a non stop hour of absurdly intense DJ cuts,  fast paced D’n’B’, and heavy Dubstep. Check it.


The Mix Master Mike Show on Xfm – Show 1 by Xfm Radio on Mixcloud


Celebration of Editorials closed out the first week on Friday, featuring a publication that can frequently be found littering Mixcloud desks, DJ Mag. They uploaded one of their favourite podcasts from their series; the 23rd episode featuring Catz ‘N Dogz. Heavy.


DJ Weekly Podcast 23: Catz ‘N Dogz by Djmag on Mixcloud


These, then, are our personal highlights from the first half of Celebration of Curation. The campaign is ongoing so be sure to lock in each day to hear incredible Cloudcasts from some of most original and innovative music promoters, record labels, and festivals, amongst others.

Stay classy Mixcloud family!

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