Mixlr Exports to Mixcloud

We’re very pleased to announce a brand new integration partnership with live broadcast specialists, Mixlr. Users can now upload their content directly to Mixcloud once their Mixlr broadcast has finished. Nice! Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Mixlr makes it easy to broadcast live to the web, Facebook, and mobile devices. Just download our free broadcasting app, and broadcast live instantly. Mixlr is perfect for podcasters, bands, live acts, DJs, conference organisers, journalists and many more besides.”

The reason for integrating with Mixcloud is that content can then be listened back after the stream has ended. Mixlr already allows the user to download a show, but in order to offer a ‘listen again’ function, the show would have to be re-uploaded manually by the user. That’s where Mixcloud comes in.

After transfer to Mixcloud, users will be prompted to add a tracklisting to their new cloudcast and fill in details that will improve the listening experience for regular Mixcloud users. The ‘export’ feature is available to all Mixlr users and as you can see from the pictures below, the process is very painless!

Are you a Mixlr user? Let us know what you think about this integration feature below.



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