Embed multiple Cloudcasts – All in one player!

Some of you may already have tuned into the fact that you can now embed entire profiles, Hot or Popular lists and Tag Stations – all using our new embed code. Aces!

So you may new embed the Mixcloud homepage Hotlist into any website, blog post, facebook tab or myspace site – simply look out for the “</>” symbol on Mixcloud to grab the code. In true Blue Peter fashion, here’s a few we prepared earlier:

The Mixcloud homepage Hotlist –

Hot Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Listen through the first round of Cloudcasts from the Satellite Voices: On Air series:

SatelliteVoices’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Catch up with all the latest talks and lectures from the RSA –

Royal Society of Arts’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Enjoy Mixcloud’s Celebration of Curation 2010:

Hot Celebration of Curation Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Tune into the Guardian’s City Guide Travel playlists:

GuardianTravel’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Follow the Football Ramble:

The Football Ramble’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

We’ll be updating the player and adding in some exciting new features and functionality going forward, so stay tuned for that!

4 replies on “Embed multiple Cloudcasts – All in one player!”

Is great that you can do this, BUT with more hand held devices being used to view sites with these feeds and dare I say it the most popular being apple devices… Why are we stuck with only a flash version that will not work on these devices.

The need for a HTML5 version is so very important

It is totally crazy. I understand that HTML5 is still new in terms of being standardised but in reality it’s not and its a shame they are dragging their heals with this as it just means we will look for alternatives to house our mixes. I certainly am not recommending my clients use mixcloud purely for this reason and when I undergo a project for a client I wouldn’t use it. Such a shame.

Mixcloud got no Embedded Widget (Player) in HTML5, which means that if you want to run a site and embed your cloudcast, it is not accessible to users with mobile and tablets.

Which means you’re not going to use Mixcloud!

Isn’t this a suicide in a world where most of your audience uses mobiles and tablets to listen to music?

I bet this post will not be published by you, Mixcloud.

Still, look how many people are desperate to get this feature:

Will you just keep ignoring them all?

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