Satellite Voices: On Air Series

Satellite Voices: On Air Series is an epic ongoing campaign that seeks to celebrate and provide insight into the unique local music scenes of various cities around the world: Moscow, Paris, Shanghai, Munich, Rome, Santiago and Dubai. Acclaimed local DJs from each city will kick off the series by providing an introductory mix. The Satellive Voices team are also inviting you,  Cloudcasters from around the world, to follow suit and contribute your own Cloudcasts representing a city’s soundscape.

To give you an idea, here a run down of some of the first round of mixes in the On Air series…

Rising stars Denver set-off the series with a vibrant mix and their own take on Santiago’s thriving scene:

Then, Zu from Roma provided us with an eclectic fusion of influences, with their own style imprinted for good measure:

Here’s Tara’s 3000 instalment, representing his fair city of Moscow:

Click here to find out how to get involved and represent.

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