Next Mixcloud London party – it's a Space Invasion!

MASSIVE MASSIVE BIGUP to all who made it down to the “Big Chill Presents… Mixcloud: The History of Hip-Hop” party last Saturday night at the Big Chill House in London.

It was a truly special night. We think the twitter testimonials and pictures below sum it up:

“@hailpixel: Just so everyone knowns, you should have been at the @mixcloud party”

“@DJMK: The #Mixcloud History of Hip Hop night was sick!!! Place got torn down…1 of the best nights in ages”

“@DJBlakey: Best show I’ve played at for a LONG time. Big up @djmk @alexnut @mixcloud, DJ Vadim. Gigs like that remind me why I love DJing.”


Check out more awesome pics from the night on the Big Chill House Flickr account here, and from our man Tom Alterman here. More pics from the other photographers on the night and videos on the way.

Thanks to all the DJs, B-boys, the host with the most Dylan Sage, the venue staff and mostly YOU!

Now, on to the next chapter…

We’re back at the Big Chill House in Kings Cross, London, at the end of this month – and this time’s it’s a SPACE INVASION.

Friday 25th March 2011, 9pm – 2am

The Mixcloud & Space Invader Radio DJs take you on a journey through hip-hop, funk, soul, boogie, house, dubstep and beyond

With a roster now over 50 strong, SIR (Space Invader Radio) is one of the fastest growing little Internet radio stations. Born out of the ashes of Bristol’s finest record shop (Eat The Beat), the shop staff and friends decided to launch the station two years ago and it has fast garnered a name for itself for its inclusive music policy and top notch presenters. The shows vary from Soul to Hip Hop, Dubstep to D&B and beyond.

With Mixcloud starting around the same time it’s been a great marriage, with many of the presenters and the station itself hosting their shows on Mixcloud for that good ol’ “listen-again”.

We’re delighted that the two crews can get together and bring the sounds of SIR to the dancefloors of London. Look out for further Mixcloud and SIR collaborations this year across the rest of the UK.

RSVP to the party on Facebook here – see you there!

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