New Categories – Music Festivals, Urban & Ambient

Calling out for new Ambassadors!

That’s right. We’ve just rolled out three new music categories, to help showcase both the quality and breadth of Cloudcasters and Cloudcasts being regularly uploaded to Mixcloud:

Ambient – Headphone Commute / Quiet Music / Fluid Radio

Urban –  DJ Koopa /DJ Code Blue

Music Festivals – Exit Festival / Bestival RadioElectric Zoo Festival

We’re also on the look out for new Ambassadors to help us curate and develop all the categories and sub-communities on Mixcloud.

Click here to view all the categories currently on Mixcloud

So whether you’re into Techno, House, Dubstep or Trance, a regular Music Festival goer or a keen Sports podcaster – let us know if you’d like to help head up a category of interest as an Ambassador.

If you’re keen, please email us at jobs+ambassador(AT) including:

– A short hello

– A link to your Mixcloud profile

– Category of choice

– 3 reasons why you’d like to be an Ambassador for your Category.

–  3 things you’d like to do as an Ambassador to help nurture your Category

– A nice cheesy radio sign-off 😉

Catch you in the Cloud!

One reply on “New Categories – Music Festivals, Urban & Ambient”

“When I think of life as a strange dream I reflect on our time and not just the minutes that scan our days. I believe in new ways of making music like taking the sounds of nature or more overtalking and screams taken live from the streets to mix on instrumental phrases..”

“I am very attracted by the musicality and charm of the overtalking, so that in most of my compositions there is an overtalking session”.

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