Best of 2010 Results & Testimonials

The Best of 2010 on Mixcloud results are in!

We’ve super very mega busy at the Mixcloud HQ over the past week. Looking back through all the great Cloudcasts of 2010 and counting up the votes from our poll, in order to compile the following…

The 100 Best Music Cloudcasters of 2010
The 100 Best Cloudcasts of 2010
The 50 Best Tracks of 2010
The 50 Best Artists of 2010
The 30 Best Talk Cloudcasters of 2010
The 30 Best Cloudcasts of 2010
The Best Tag Stations of 2010
The Best Listeners of 2010

…and with some amazing results! Big up to all the Cloudcasts and Listeners who made 2010 such an interesting year on Mixcloud!

We received some lovely feedback and testimonials from some of our top listeners and Cloudcasters, which we’re more than happy to share with you below….

I’ve been working on a novel for the past year, during which time I’ve listened to Mixcloud all day, every day when I’m writing, and on most days when I’m not.

In order to write I sit alone in a room for 8 – 10 hours a day with my headphones on, Mixcloud in my ears, laptop on my lap. Mixcloud is my only company: no cell phone, no email, no communication with other people at all.

When I return home I play my favourite cloudcasts of the day to my family, and to friends on weekends.

There are mixes for all my moods: when I’m feeling mellow I love the ambient/experimental/modern classical genres; when I need a lift, techno/house/electronica/dub get me going; my wife loves jazz/nu jazz/funk/soul; my teenage kids listen to the hip hop/dub/grime. We love it all and can’t get enough.

I’ve gotten to know some of the DJs during this time (hi Hofer66!), have sent them messages and promote their work to anyone who will listen.

I discovered Mixcloud by looking for Chris Coco, who is one of my favourite DJs/Musicians/Producers. I’d listened to Chris from his days in the Blue Room, and have been a devotee ever since. Thank you Chris!

I have enjoyed learning about the most cutting-edge music out there today by listening to Mixcloud, and as such I am very appreciative of all the hard work and dedication that goes into making this site such a success, from the DJs to the web people and administrators.

I really don’t know what I’d do without Mixcloud.

I truly love the music and love the “station”, so a big big thank you to everyone at Mixcloud from me, Mark Bentley Cohen, listener #7, 2010.

Mark Bentley Cohen of Vancouver, Canada – Best Listener of 2010

Firstly what a site Mixcloud is! Its fast developing, and I feel will need to, to truly assert itself as the number one site/tool for all from broadcasters to musicians.

Its been a roller coaster several months for me. I’ve been trying to crack radio/broadcasting for many years. That is why I decided to give up on the UK for now and head to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (and breathe)!

To cut a very interesting, yet also very long story short. The Zone gave me the chance to finally do what I’ve dream t of since I was a little boy, idolising my local GWR Swindon personlities!!! Oh, good god!

That is why it is such a thrill and huge honour to find myself featured, then thrown into the number 5 spot of Best Talkcasters of 2010! I cannot thank Mixcloud enough for the support. I do what I do as I love it, unconditionally, 100%.

Jon Williams of Zone FM 913, Victoria, Canada – Best Talk Cloudcaster of 2010

Thanks @Mixcloud, for attracting the talent, for housing an amazing array of mixes, for being.

Roamin Atlantic, Canada – Best Listener of 2010

“Purely the best format for discovering music from your peers. Nu-media indeed”

DC1 London, UK – Best Listener of 2010


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