Announcing Mixcloud’s "Best of 2010" – who will top the lists?

We’re super excited to launch the voting for the Mixcloud “Best of 2010”. A great opportunity to cast your ears back through all the great Cloudcasts and Cloudcasters of 2010 and let us know who tops your list.

To cast your vote simply visit your favorite Cloudcast or Cloudcaster profile page and you’ll find the relevant voting buttons. Remember you can vote for as many as you like, so vote early, vote often – VOTE NOW!

In addition to the top Cloudcasts and Cloudcasters, we’re going to be digging through the tracklists of over 100,000 Cloudcasts uploaded to Mixcloud in 2010 by some 25,000 Cloudcasters to present to you Mixcloud’s unique Top Artists and Top Tracks of 2010! We’re very excited.


Who do you think will top these lists?

1. Who was the top artist played by DJs and radio presenters on Mixcloud in 2010?

2. What was the top track of 2010 on Mixcloud? (The track must have been released in 2010).

We’re going to give away a few Mixcloud tee-shirts to whoever can guess the right answers. You can enter by tweeting one of the following (just replace the ??? by your most intelligent guess):

I think the top artist of 2010 on @Mixcloud is ???

I think the top track of 2010 on @Mixcloud is ???

The results of the Top Artists and Top Tracks will be announced on Monday and the top Cloudcasts and Cloudcasters the following week – keep your eyes peeled and ears open.

In the meantime you can check out the Best of 2009 here.

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