Mixcloud Mon…Tuesday (Ambassador Spesh)

Good afternoon all,

Seeing as yesterday was a Bank Holiday and over here in the UK and most of the Mixcloud massive were either at carpark raves / carnivals / festivals / asleep (delete where appropriate) Mixcloud Monday has temporarily transmorphised into Mixcloud Tuesday. We hope that that’s not got you choking your afternoon digestives, and rest assured that Mixcloud Monday will resume normal service next, um, Monday.

Let’s take a look at the best of the community picks from last week, according to our newly appointed category Ambassadors (big up!)…


Drum & BassDeep Drum’n’Bass
Ambassadors – Craha and mauoq

Straight from São Paulo, the Deep Podcast project is the unholy offspring of the “Deep Drum’n’Bass + Influences” party. It’s self professed goal is to “bring… culture, quality music and information to the crowds.” Check out the latest Cloudcast to find out if it succeeds.

Funk / SoulGlobal Souljah
Ambassadors – Heavy Soul Brutha and Bam Palmer

Here’s one not to be missed – the criminally underrated Global Souljah radio show, in collaboration with Barely Breaking Even Records.  “Global Souljah was born when James moved to Barcelona to start his new life in the sun … showcasing the best in cutting edge new music whilst scouting the world for interesting global grooves as well as looking back into musical history digging out some old time musical treats.” Check the latest show out here.

Hip HopDJ Bruce Wayne
Ambassadors – The Closer Sound and DJ Cable

According to our Hip Hop ambassadors, DJ Bruce Wayne is “a solid club DJ in his own right, and we were surprised to see he’s down with this type of vibe. This mix is a wonderful slice of chilled Electronica/Experimental Hip Hop… something you can quite easily listen to when chilling…” We suggest that you do just that. Get yo’self a beer or a cup of tea or whatever you crazy cats are drinking nowadays, and kick back with this.

Ambasadors – Bradshaw and Four walls of sound

whatpeopleplay isn’t just a show, it’s an institution. Founded in 2006, it is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after Digital Download Sites on the internet. Check out what they listen to.

IndieRaw Investigations
Ambassadors – Jig T and A View From Here

In the context of the cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world of the online magazine, the self proclaimed “uncommercial” online music ‘zine Raw Investigations is a breath of fresh air music. Like most good people, they also run a Cloudcast series. In a novel twist their ‘Mixtape’ efforts are made by bands they interview. Delegation. We approve. Check out the latest Mixtape here.

Jazz / AmbientTales In Jazz
Ambassador – The Headonist and Tea and Cake Records

“Tales in Jazz is all about alternative and freestyle jazz music with occasionally influences of worldmusic, electronica or contemporary classical music. Every episode has its own atmosphere or timeframe. Selected and compiled by Rafadelic for your aural pleasures.” You heard the man. Oh no, you didn’t. Not yet anyway.

Reggae DancehallTim Turbo
Ambassador – Rez

Here’s one from the Old School. And by Old School we mean back when Mixcloud was a very, very young Cloud that couldn’t go in swimming-pools without armbands on. Tim Turbo takes some Reggae an ting and makes it, um, Turbo. You should listen.

WorldUnited World Radio
Ambassador – Tea And Cake Records

Who said that students don’t do anything worthwhile? Whoever blathered that particular piece of tripe had obviously never listened Hedd Thomas’s Unity World Radio Show. With a name like that he was practically guaranteed to be a brilliant DJ. (Good thinking Dad. Mum wanted to call him Arnold.) “United World Radio plays an eclectic mix of ‘World Music’ from all around the globe, from traditional, folk and court music through to jazz, pop, dance and beyond.”

Dubstep / BassThe Daily Street
Ambassadors – Craha and DMAX

We’ve written about The Daily Street’s Cloudcast mix series before on Mixcloud Monday, but we’re going to keep doing it until everybody realises how right we are about how good they are. The latest mix comes from the Boogaloo Crew, aka Dark Sky. Our Dubstep / Bass Ambassadors report that “they are TEARING it up at the moment with their brand of lovely ‘liquid’ dubstep, with a smooth slant on bass pressure.” We’re inclined to agree.

CultureGuardian Books
Ambassador – Pegerteg

You’ve heard of the Guardian, right? That newspaper that’s slightly good? Well, here’s their wonderful ‘The Books That Made Me’ Cloudcast. This week, proper-famous-author Michael Rosen presents his favourite books. Lovely stuff.

EducationMIT Press
Ambassador – tokko143

The MIT press podcast on Ed Ruscha’s Los Angeles is generating a lot of heat in the Education section. MIT are a clever bunch. Maybe by listening to them you can be clever too? We’re giving it a shot.

NewsThe Football Ramble
Ambassador – Pegerteg

We are very excited about this. The Football ramble is by far the best football weekly discussion ever. “The most groundbreaking thing to happen in football entertainment since Tim Lovejoy parted company with Soccer AM to go and do that really boring cooking show with that arrogant bloke that makes the cocktails.” Follow them and listen to the boys every week. Do It.

That’s all folks. Until next Monday.

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