World Cup Soundtrack Winner and Wrap-up!

Congratulations to team España for winning the football World cup last weekend.

spain world cup 2010

We’ve just wrapped up our own World Cup Soundtrack campaign, picking the winning cloucast and runners up from the top 4 finalists…
And the winner is DJ UMBs – House of Afreaka Vol 2

We briefly caught up with him recently and here’s what he had to say about this Cloudcast:

Ok, if you follow GENERATION BASS, you’ll know that me and my blog partner,
Vince spent a week in South Africa (SA) few weeks back. We were sponsored by
Mundial Festival based in Holland who asked us to go out there and to check out
the SA music scene. Of course, like normal, sane people, we kindly obliged 🙂

You can catch a lot of what we got up to by checking out our blog and we will continue to report on some of the HOT new music we discovered in SA.

I made this mix exclusively for Mixcloud, which combines some of my favourite Deep House discoveries. I hope you enjoy it.
For now, I’m also happy to give you Mixcloud peeps a little taste of what is to come

Thanks Mixcloud, it was a pleasure 🙂

Thanks again to who all who took part in the Mixcloud World Cup Soundtrack, to all the countries that had representation and all who listened in.
See you in four years!

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