Tumblr & Posterous: Mixcloud Micro-Bloggin Madness!!!

This one goes out to all you beautiful bloggers out there….

We’re excited to announce the seamless integration with the well established micro-blogging and blogging platforms Tumblr and Posterous. You can now easily connect our Mixcloud account and activity-stream to auto-post to separate accounts on each of these fantastic platforms – much like our well lauded Twitter & Facebook (AKA Twitface) integration.

Simply log in to your Mixcloud account, navigate through the account page (top-right) to the connections tab, from where you can simply enter your Tumblr & Posterous account email / password combos and choose which activity options you’d like to post:

Don’t forget you can now also follow the Mixcloud Blog on Postersous & Tumblr and we’ll be adding more exclusive Cloudcasts there from time to time!

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