Our fave community ads – part 2

Following on from our fave community ads part 1, but with a more competitive twist…

Mixcloud Ads is our self-serve ads system. Which basically means anyone can buy an ad spot on the Mixcloud homepage using paypal.

Since we launched the service, we’ve seen a great response from the Mixcloud community. Hundreds of advertisers have signed up, running really interesting, creative and sometimes bizarre campaigns!

Lately, two Ads in particular caught our eye, both for entires into the Stag & Dagger and Braindrop competitions currently running on Mixcloud:

L.A. Boxers ad for their entry in the Braindrop mix competition; Clear bold lettering against Braindrop flyer color scheme.

Braindrop @ Matter Competition Mix by L.A. Boxers on Mixcloud

Murdocks entry into the Stag & Dagger mix competition; Block letters on a dope graff backdrop.

Stag And Dagger 2010 Competition Mix by Murdock on Mixcloud

So the competition is certainly fierce, but there is still plenty of time to enter any of the competitions running on Mixcloud.

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