Launch of new Category pages & Mixcloud Monday

Today we’re excited to launch our new Category pages, which feature some of the finest Cloudcasters on Mixcloud across 10 music and 6 talk Categories. The new update also includes some pretty cool integration with Twitter and Facebook. Read on…

The Categories show a selection of editorial picks, designed to help you browse through the awesome content on Mixcloud more easily. They range from indie to house to comedy and many more. We’ve also built a section called “community picks”. This lets you choose the Cloudcasters you would like featured – an interesting model for crowdsourced editorial! New user picks will be revealed every week on Mixcloud Monday (or of course #mixcloudmonday for all the Twitterati).

Another nice thing about the categories is that they are effectively on-demand genre stations, handpicked from the wealth of talent on the site. We’ve taken this idea a step further to create Mixcloud radio stations for Twitter and Facebook! The 16 Categories have their own Twitter feeds and Facebook pages which automatically update followers and fans with tasty new Cloudcasts. So you can now sit back on Twitter or Facebook and let Mixcloud come to you!

P.S. A huge bigup to the guys at Tumblr, which was the inspiration behind these new pages.

P.P.S. These are just the initial categories. Please leave a comment on this blog post if you feel there are any categories missing that you’d love to see.

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