Apparently Mixcloud is smart and resourceful!

Small business website Smarta today launched their inaugural “Smarta 100” – a recognition of the UK’s smartest small businesses.

We’re pretty chuffed to be on the list. We also have a special mention in the “top 5 for resourcefulness” category – in the words of Jay-Z, “you can’t knock the hustle” 😉

Here’s the blurb from the Smarta site:

“The Smarta 100 is the ultimate business accolade, recognizing the UK’s smartest small businesses. has uncovered remarkable companies who have gone the extra mile to differentiate themselves from the market or found clever ways to compete, from their marketing plan to their ethical stance. The result is a fascinating insight into the unique business ideas that are thriving in the current economic climate.”

If you want a laugh, then check out the video of Nico and myself in the Mixcloud warehouse talking about being resourceful. Nice desk eh – I think I stole it from an ex-girlfriend.

Oh another note, we were also mentioned by Rory Cellan-Jones on his BBC blog today as a recommended new tool for radio professionals. Cheers Rory!

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