Valentines Weekend Special!

Happy Valentines to all you lovely people out there…

Welcome to the LoveCloud!

Yep, that’s right we’ve gone all soppy and decided to dedicate the site to all the LOVERS and those looking for a chance with romance on the special day.

Special thanks goes out to all the Mixclouders who responded to our call for Valentines LOVEMIXES, what a fabulous response.
We’ve highlighted some of our personal picks below, but you can can follow your own hearts desire and decide for yourself here and look our for more features over the weekend…

Trust In Love by Trust In Dust Radio on Mixcloud

La La Means I Love You by Disorda @ Suspect Packages on Mixcloud

Funky Love Tonic by Dj_Matman on Mixcloud

Loveworkstheoriginalbydjdennis by Selektarecordings on Mixcloud

New Wave Valentines Day by Retropolis With Dj Wave on Mixcloud

Lots of Love,
Mixcloud x

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