Interview with Chris Coco

Up next in our series of Best Cloudcast 2009 profiles is the multi-talented DJ/performer/tastemaker Chris Coco, who posts his serene electronica and dance Cloudcast Melodica every Monday on Mixcloud.

The last couple of years have been busy ones for Chris, taking in performances at renowned festivals such as Glastonbury and Green Man with his band City Reverb, as well as the release of their well-received debut album Lost City Folk.

We caught a few moments with him this week to answer some questions about his show.

Who are you and what do you do?

Chris Coco, tastemaker, DJ, broadcaster, music maker, journalist.

I make a weekly radio show called Melodica that I upload to Mixcloud every Monday, it also goes out on Ibiza Sonica and various other stations around the world.

How did you first get into what you do?

Just being a music fan then trying to work out ways of sharing my passion with other people.

Why do you think people listen to Melodica?

I think because it’s a real radio show, working on the simple principle that it’s a person, playing music and sharing his enthusiasm for that music with the listener. I’m always excited about making the show, I love to do it, and I think that comes across.

What do you think makes your Cloudcast unique?

A mix or show is about the unique vision of the person who makes it. My take on the current music scene is ever so slightly different from everyone else’s. Also, I guess, because I talk about the music and guide the listener through the show I can play a broader range of music than I could fit into a traditional DJ mix.

What are your musical tips for 2010?

Red Rack ‘Em, Moodymanc and Coyu for house; Claremont 56 and Wolf + Lamb labels; Chris Coco album on Big Chill recordings; the XX taking over the world; Balearic Dubstep especially Synkro; more cross-genre mashups; festivals in sunshine watching Vampire Weekend; Mixcloud!

Why do you use Mixcloud?

I love the simplicity of Mixcloud’s vision. It does one thing, ‘online radio’, and it does it in an easy to use, well presented, very cool way. It’s the best in its field.

What do you think the radio/Cloudcast industry will look like in 10 years?

It’s really hard to predict because it’s all moving so fast. I hope we can work out a way of making a little bit of money for making excellent content without making it too unpleasant for the listener. There will always be a need for the presenter, the curator, the tastemaker though, someone whose job it is to filter content for the listener, someone she can trust to find new, exciting music. That’s my job, I guess.

Watch out for more weekly podcasts from Chris every Monday on Mixcloud.

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