Interview with Nilez from Moovmnt

Following on from our interview with Dazed & Confused music editor Tim Noakes, this week we continue our series of Best Cloudcast profiles by focusing on Dutch collective Moovmnt, who came in at an impressive fourth on our Best Cloudcasters of 2009 list.

Combining their video and review packed music blog with several successful and well-listened cloudcasts (most notably their superb DJ Spinna effort), most Moovmnt mixes and playlists present an exercise in ecleticism and musical passion. Regularly adopting tags like soultronica, hip hop and funk, we have come to expect fragmented beats combined with soulful vocals and snippets of dialogue which never fail – as they themselves confide – to reveal the hidden gems that lie beneath the surface of every tune.

We were lucky enough to catch up with one of the collective’s main DJs Nilez, to have a chat about his activities and his thoughts on Mixcloud.

Who are you and what do you do?

At this point in time Moovmnt consists of three members: Nilez, Nevill & Deluge. We got into what we do out of pure necessity and the need for good music. Nevill was the founder of this movement, but we knew each other from the get go. We were just like-minded music lovers that kept bumping into each other.

Why do you think so many people listen to your mixes?

I think our mixes are so popular because there’s a big group of people that love the same music as we do. Also we believe in working together with a lot with other websites, DJ’s, brands, record labels, etc. Our mixes are as unique as other mixes are. We never claim to have the best mixes or most exclusive track listing. We don’t believe in that kind of stuff because what makes a mix unique is how listeners react to it.

What are your musical tips for 2010?

Fatima (Eglo Records), B. Bravo (Frite Nite), Jay Hats and Bluntspeakers. Also be on the look out for ‘Master Blazter’!

Why do you use Mixcloud?

The special widget is easy to use and works really well with WordPress.We like the fact that uploading on Mixcloud is easy, fast and it looks nice

What do you think the radio/podcast industry will look like in 10 years?

We believe that radio will be all about music on demand. Look at the great things Laidback Radio did last year. They are the ones to watch, and will dominate the future of radio if you ask us.

Moovmnt will be posting more excellent cloudcasts well into 2010, but in the meantime here’s a sunny example for you to feast your ears on…

Moovmnt Presents: "Cali Love" (Mixed By Mr.Speak) by Moovmnt on Mixcloud

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